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Credit Course Repetition Guidelines

Credit Course Repetition Guidelines

The Credit Course Repetition Guidelines, July 2013 document has been released. It is a comprehensive explanation of the title 5 regulations governing when a student may repeat a credit course and when a district may claim apportionment for that repetition.

At this time, minor changes to the title 5 regulations governing credit course repetition are pending, thus these Guidelines are being released as “preliminary.” When the changes are enacted these Guidelines will be released in final form.

We welcome any feedback regarding the accuracy of the Guidelines. However, in providing your feedback you should keep in mind that the Guidelines are simply a restatement of the law and are not creating new policies that aren’t already set in law. Further, the Guidelines have been reviewed by System Advisory Committee on Curriculum. Having said that, if you do see any errors in fact, please do not hesitate to let us know.

One more note…a special email address has been established to help focus questions concerning Credit Course Repetition. All comments about the Guidelines or other specific questions should be routed directly to