California Community Colleges Curriculum

Title 5

California law for community colleges is explained and further detailed in the California Code of Regulations which has a section or title devoted to community colleges identified by number – Title 5. In order to successfully navigate the online search for regulations about California community colleges, enter the number “5” where the prompt asks for the “Title.” If the section of interest is already known, type it in, or search for sections of interest using the search function.

Title 5 regulations are the working understanding of Education Code mandates established by the California Legislature. Education Code supersedes Title 5 regulations. The California Community College’s Board of Governors is responsible for approving Title 5 regulations, and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) is responsible for implementation and compliance.

To make changes to Title 5, constituent groups within the California community colleges may propose edits, additions or deletions to the CCCCO. The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommends changes with regard to academic and professional matters, especially curriculum, degrees, student success, prerequisites, minimum qualifications, and other instructional topics where faculty have purview according to Title 5 §53200.