California Community Colleges Curriculum



California community college faculty and others involved in the curriculum process may participate in certain trainings held during the year on select topics. Two specific types of training are the certification required to offer stand alone courses and training to implement a rigorous content review in order to establish prerequisites. Both trainings are available at the annual Curriculum Institute. Regional training may be offered based on development of curricular alternatives to achieve student success or to meet the demands of recently updated laws or regulations.

Stand Alone Course Approval Training

There are some minor changes to the Stand Alone Course Training since last year, but they only relate to the Chancellor’s Office approval and reporting processes. Curriculum chairs are expected to train the college curriculum committee on approving stand-alone credit courses for certification that is required every fall. Learn about the status of stand-alone credit courses and prepare to train your colleagues on the curriculum committee. The Stand-Alone Credit Course training materials can be found at the CCCCO website. Here you will find Resource Materials and Training Documents including the PowerPoint presentations complete with trainer notes and a link to the archived CCC Confer webinar.

Implementation of the associate degrees for transfer (SB 1440, Padilla, 2010) is facilitated by training on degree development and compliance with Chancellor’s Office submission processes. New templates and information are added regularly to the Senate’s and the Chancellor’s Office websites.